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EPAX Dental Model Resin

  • Reduced Production Durations 
  • <2% Shrinkage Rate
  • Enhanced Tensile and Flexural Strengths
  • Engineered for Various Dental Applications

Optiprint Gingiva

  • Highly Flexible and Functional
  • Tear-resistant
  • Natural Gingiva Aesthetic
  • Preserves Original Shape  

Optiprint Dental Guide 385nm

  • Optimized for Rapid Fabrication
  • Reliable Flexural and Tensile Strengths
  • Low Viscosity for Softer Finish 
  • Safe and Biocompatible

Optiprint I-B-T 385nm

  • Deliberately Tear-able
  • Translucent Appearance
  • Flexible for Easy Fit
  • Safe and Biocompatible

Optiprint Model

  • Optimized for Rapid Fabrication
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Moisture Stable
  • Improved Flexural & Tensile strengths

Optiprint Model Align

  • High Tensile Strength 
  • Advanced Thermoforming Properties
  • High-Contrast Appearance 
  • Surface Quality Similar to a Plaster Model

KeySplint Hard™

  • Abrasion and Stain Resistant  
  • United States FDA 510k-Cleared and Health Canada Approved
  • CE Marked (Class IIA)
  • Safe and Biocompatible

KeySplint Soft™

  • Stain Resistant  
  • High-Transparency
  •  Polishable & Easily Cleaned
  • Safe and Biocompatible

KeyModel Ultra™

  • Easy Thermoforming Release
  • Exceptional Detail 
  • Hyper-Fast Technology
  • Carve-able without Chipping