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DX Wash Pro


The DX Wash Pro machine is a great wash machine carefully designed for our DX series printers.

The mesh frame inside a sealed bucket can hold a DX10 build plate.  So you can wash your prints while they are still on your build plate.

The whirling power is very strong, leading to a thorough wash.

Leak proof.  Sealed inside the machine.  The bucket is also sealed with a cap.

There are two washing modes.  One fast one slow.

The bucket can hold 2 gallons of either IPA or water.

The Wash Pro is so big that it can easily wash 30+ dental models at the same time.

Timer settings start with 1 min.  The maximum time is 20 min.


Bucket Volume
2 Gallons of IPA or Water


Wash Time 1 min to 20 mins  


Product Dimensions 14"(L)*14"(H)*12"(W)


Product Weight 8 kg 
Power Requirements 60 watts