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$5 Per Dental Arch Model

2-Day Turnaround Time

Pay Only When Satisfied

Are you a dental professional in need of dental models? Experience the next generation of 3D printed dental applications with EPAX's dental printing service. EPAX 3D founded the dental printing service on the basis of providing all offices with the opportunity to utilize the latest in 3D printing technology. Our dental printing service customizes printing settings to match user requests and their practice. 

Let our experienced team print for you! Click below to get started.

Compatible models

Dental Arch Models

Orthodontic Aligner Molds

Other Customized, Complex Models (Email if Interested)

The $5 per model service refers to the printing of dental arch models or orthodontic aligner molds. Our team is also able to print different complex, personalized dental models as well. Please reach out to our sales team through email with your model for more information on pricing. Additional services such as file editing will require additional fees.

Why Choose a 3D Printing Dental Service?

The EPAX 3D dental printing service offers the lowest cost and highest resolution for remote printing in the dental industry. This service utilizes next-generation materials engineered to minimize tolerances and enunciate the finest details gathered by intraoral scanners.

  • Interested in printing orthodontic/dental models but have not purchased a 3D printer?
  • Need to increase production at a low cost?
  • Admire the quality of 3D prints but not the workflow and required energy?

Answering "Yes" to any of the following questions means EPAX dental printing service is a suitable fit for your office.

How Our Service Works

EPAX 3D Dental Printing Service begins after 3 easy steps:

image 78 (2).png__PID:957e4510-c978-4e74-bb8f-4cebc61c1a4e

1. Scan

Our service is compatible with all intraoral scanners that export STL files.

image 78 (1).png__PID:d6957e45-10c9-480e-b4bb-8f4cebc61c1a

2. Prepare/Plan

Follow our checklist for proper file preparation.

image 78.png__PID:7e4510c9-780e-44bb-8f4c-ebc61c1a4ef8

3. Export

Export and email to all files in STL file format.

Next, leave the following steps to our team of professionals who will perform the 3D printing workflow from beginning to end.

image 78 (2).png__PID:957e4510-c978-4e74-bb8f-4cebc61c1a4e

4. File Examination

Our team will examine each file to confirm they are suitable for printing. Next, we will set printing settings to maximize efficiency and product quality before printing.

image 78 (1).png__PID:d6957e45-10c9-480e-b4bb-8f4cebc61c1a

5. Printing

Our team will utilize our flagship DX-10 Pro Series Printer with an industry-leading resolution to deliver high-quality prints for patients.

image 78.png__PID:7e4510c9-780e-44bb-8f4c-ebc61c1a4ef8

6. Post-Processing

To strengthen the mechanical properties of printed models, our team will employ our ultra-fast DX Cure Machine to emit UV light in a controllable and efficient matter.