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Dental Printing Service - $5 Per Arch Model, 2 Days Turnaround Time (READ BELOW FOR INSTRUCTIONS)

$5.00 $7.50

Before you place your order, email our team at with your office's name and what models you are interested in printing. Regular dental arches (as shown in the preparation checklist below) and similar models are $5 per model. For different models, pricing will vary depending on model complexity. Please email us for more details.

Note: when making a purchase, a minimum of 8 dental arch models (or $40 worth of models) is required to justify production costs. 


EPAX Dental Service allows dentists and orthodontic offices to conveniently print dental models remotely. This low cost alternative to in-office printing eliminates the labor of preparation and post-processing associated with 3D printing.

Shipping: EPAX 3D Dental Printing service has a flat rate shipping charge of $14.99 per order for the first 16 models. Packages are expected to arrive within 2-4 days after leaving our office.



Models Should Have:

  • A Flat Base

  • Patient's Name already on model (optional, we can also add any text for a small fee)
  • Aligner Plan marking already on model (optional , we can also add any text for a small fee)

Models Should NOT Have:

  • Excessive unnecessary base height

  • Open Surfaces


Once your technicians have prepared the models, just email the STL files in a zipped (compressed) folder to sales@epaxdental.comOnce our team of professionals has received the models, we will carry out our dental printing workflow, and ship the finished product back to your office.