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EPAX Soy-Based Resin for Dental, UV 405nm 1kg

$53.99 $55.99


EPAX has formulated this great alternative to petroleum-based resins most often used in 3D printing. Our plant-based bio-resin is derived from soy. Improved performance.  It has very little odor and very low toxicity, making it one of the safest resins while also being made from a renewable resource.

Soy-based resins do not sacrifice quality and are an excellent standard and general purpose resin for everyday printing projects.  A good alternative option for dental model printing.

This is a 405nm UV resin compatible with EPAX 3D printers as well as other LCD printers that use 405nm resins.

Note: Although this resin liquid is less toxic than other resins, normal safety precautions should still be used and the printer should only be used in a well-ventilated area. 

Good as an alternative dental model resin when there is no need for super hard surface or super accuracy.