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EPAX Dental Model Resin


* We cannot ship resins internationally at this time. *

EPAX Dental Model Resin for Orthodontics provides very minimal amount of shrinkage in a 3D printing resin. It is the recommended resin for dental and orthodontic applications.

With a shrinkage rate only around 2% it is capable of capturing a very high level of detail, making this resin ideal for the accurate modeling of teeth and gums for the production of retainers, night guards, and more. 

Color: Orange

    Recommended Settings for EPAX DX1/DX10 Printers:

    • Normal Exposure Time: 2 to 2.5 seconds
    • Bottom Exposure Time: 25 seconds
    • Bottom Layers: 4
    • Layer Height: 0.05mm
    • Lift Speeds: 60mm/s
    • Retraction Speed: 150mm/s

    (Settings are already pre-configured in ChiTuBox Slicer)