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Only For North Carolina Orthodontists:

  • FREE on-site 3D resin printer installation 
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EPAX DX-Pro Dental Printers set the standard for dependable, high-quality production for dental clinics across the globe. The latest in LCD technology yields unparalleled speed and precision to enable same-day model production while providing a cost-effective solution to high patient traffic without the dependency and wait time of dental labs.

Because our offices are located in North Carolina, we are now offering free on-site installation and training for North Carolinian orthodontists and dentists. Email our sales team to get started!


28.5μm XY Resolution for Maximized Accuracy

The DX 10 Pro Series printer utilizes 8K LCD technology to deliver the most precise resolution found in the 3-D printing dental market. Allowing for printed models to be pin-pointed and unique to your patients. Smaller pixel sizes on LCD screens accentuate key details from dental scans while minimizing printing tolerances. 

Native XY-Resolution

EPAX DX-10 ProDLP Technology
Competing LCD

Open Material System for Consumer Choice

EPAX Dental prioritizes consumer choice in selecting the resins they feel most comfortable with. All of our printers are built with an open material system allowing for 3rd-party resin compatibility. 

Massive Build Volume

The DX10 Pro features a build volume of 221.4mm*129.6mm*120mm and can print over 100 dental models in an 8-hour day with limited interruption. The EPAX DX10 PRO offers 50% more build volume at 1/3 the cost of leading dental 3D printers, empowering dental labs and clinics alike with an affordable, robust digital dental solution.

Latest in UV Parallel Light Technology

EPAX Pro Series dental printers utilize a lensed light source consisting of an ultraviolet LED matrix with a finely tuned lens array. The emitted UV rays are uniformly parallel creating an ultra-precise 3D mold. 

Heated Chamber

EPAX Pro Series printers are equipped with a powerful heating system to ensure resin remains at an adequate temperature throughout the entire printing process. 

Out of The Box Ready & User Friendly

EPAX 3D will bring an out-of-the-box ready experience with every printer. User-friendly software allows for printing models in 3 simple steps: Scan, Slice, Print

Designed and Engineered with Full Aluminum Chassis

The EPAX DX Pro dental printers have a durable all-aluminum chassis with minimal windows for less UV light contamination.  

Full-color 4.2” Recessed LED touchscreen

All Pro Series dental printers feature a 4.2" LED Touch screen for simple UI menu navigation. Effortless switch between modules in any setting with this powerful, self-illuminating LED screen.

Sturdy Aluminum VAT with Proprietary n(FEP) Film

All EPAX 3D vats contain a built-in n(FEP) film ready for printing. This sturdy hardware ensures your prints remain in place while protecting the LCD screen from uncured resin.  

Available Now

DX10 Clinical Workhorse

The DX-10 Pro large-format 3D printer sets the standard for dependable, high-quality dental production. The latest in LCD technology yields unparalleled speed and precision to ensure patients are quickly and well treated. Additionally, the large build volume offers a cost-effective solution to high patient traffic without the dependency and wait time of dental labs. 

DX1 Chairside Production

The EPAX DX-1 Pro brings quick and accurate results to dental clinics using the most advanced LCD 3-D printing technology in today's market. The DX-1 6.6 inch 4K mono screen provides more print detail for dental applications where finer details are beneficial with more even distribution of the light across the entire build area.

  • Larger build volume prints up to 20 full arch models at once 
  • Optimal for the production of larger batches 
  • Shorter printing durations for greater efficiency
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  • Fully calibrated UV LED matrix for enhanced precision
  • Ideal for smaller clinics               
  • Cost-effective & efficient
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Not ready for 3D technology in your office, but still interested in 3D prints?

EPAX Dental has you covered: check out our new Dental Printing Service, with high-resolution 3D dental prints for low costs. $5 per dental arch.