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Double DX10-8KW Solution Package

$9,399.00 $10,000.98

All DX-Series purchases include a 1 hour set up video call. 

Double DX10-8KW Package includes:

2x DX10-8KW PRO Printer

1x DX WASH PRO Washing Machine

1x DX CURE PRO Curing Box

2KG EPAX Soy Resin


DX10-8KW PRO Features:

  • An air filtration system to reduce resin fumes
  • A heavy-duty Z-axis and build plate for extra stability and speed.  You can finish 8 dental models flat on the build plate within 40 minutes.
  • An angled touchscreen for better viewing
  • Ethernet and WiFi connectivity for network printing
  • 10.1" 8K mono screen which produces amazingly detailed prints at 28.5 micron
  • Dedicated heater for the chamber to keep the resin and build plate at a stable and constant temperature.
  • Wider vat with feet for easy handling.
  • Large high resolution touchscreen.
  • A pair of UV blocking glasses
  • 1 hour video call to help you set it up
  • Free life-time support
  • Free shipping in the USA. Expect to receive within 7 to 10 days