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EPAX nFEP Premium Film for DX1 Printer (1 Film)


Our nFEP films are a special blend of Teflon material.  This film leads to much less release force and as such higher print success rate.
DX1 Film Dimension: 180mmx130mm
  • 0.125mm thickness
  • Our nFEP films are excellent quality: resistant to high temperatures (up to 220° C), chemical resistant, UV stable and provide the ultimate non-stick surface for 3D resin printing.
  • nFEP is perfectly smooth - smoother than FEP film - with great air permeability, which leads to less vacuum suction force. So you will have fewer failed prints compared to standard FEP film.
  • All of our films are shipped in thoughtful, protective packaging to ensure they arrive to you in pristine condition.
  • Each tube contains 1 film

Films are Made in Japan, Cut and Packed in China