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EPAX DX10 Aluminum Resin Tank with nFEP Film Installed, Choose your printer model


Our resin vats are made entirely of durable, machine-anodized aluminum. This vat will fit and only fit EPAX DX10 3D printers. Each vat comes with a sheet of nFEP film already installed, so it will arrive ready to use. 

It has heating wire attached.  Fit for DX10-5K printer and DX10-8K printer.   Does not fit for DX10-8KW printer which uses a wider vat with edges.

The DX10-8KW printer's vat is wider with edges, but is not heated since DX10-8KW has the whole chamber heated.


  • The completely metal resin tank will not be harmed by resin nor the curing process. 
  • It is equipped with a rubber seal to ensure that the vat is water-tight to help avoid resin leaks.
  • The groove in the front right corner makes draining residual resin easy and fast.
  • Hash-marks on the back edge of the vat indicate resin levels.
  • Max Volume of 1250mL without build platform and 900mL with build platform.