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EPAX eSLIP Composite Film, ONE film, Choose your printer size


DX10 Film Dimension:  290mmx210mm
DX1 Film Dimension: 180mmx130mm
  • DX10 size fits for all EPAX DX10 printers including DX10-5K, DX10-8K and DX10-8KW.
  • Excellent slippery surface: enabling faster printing with less release force and less lifting distance.
  • Shipped in protective tube.  
  • Each pack contains one (1) film
  • 0.3mm thickness 

These films are composite films with a coating on one side to ensure great slippery.  Used in LCD, DLP and SLA machines where fast printing is important.

Note:  The sides are directional.  Do not put it upside down.  See instructions on the film.  There is a protective film on the actual eSLIP film.  The protective film needs to be removed.

Difference between nFEP film and eSLIP film:

nFEP film is more elastic.  As such, it is less likely to be damaged by residues in vat.  It is recommended for all resin 3D printers, especially jewelry applications.  nFEP film has great air permeability, which leads to less vacuum suction force.

eSLIP film is more rigid and slippery.  As such it needs a smaller lifting distance and prints can run faster.  Printers with eSLIP film can have a 40% speed gain due to lower lifting distance needed.  It is recommended for all resin 3D printers where faster printing is more important than outstanding details.  However, if you leave residues in vat, the film is a bit easier to get damaged than nFEP film.  The coating, and the 0.3mm thickness, leads to a bit loss of light accuracy but not much.

eSLIP is not recommended for those special resins which are thicker and flow slower than normal resins.  


Both nFEP film and eSLIP film are much better than standard FEP film due to lower release force needed.