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DX10 PRO Dental Printer

$2,699.00 $3,999.00

Free shipping in the USA. Expect to receive within 7 to 10 days.

Free 1KG EPAX Dental Model Resin with this printer.

Free 1 hour video call to help you set it up.


Build Volume


Printing Technology

Monochrome LCD


4920*2880 (5K)

Layer Thickness



USB Drive, Ethernet

Build Platform

Soft Aluminum with Magnetic Build Plate and Steel Build Surface

Z axis Dual rail with Ball Bearing Z axis motor
Resin Vat Hard Aluminum
Heated Vat Yes
Max Resin Volume 700mL
Air Filter Yes
Light Source Parallel Light LED Matrix
Film nFEP Film
Touch Screen 4.3-inch Color TFT (Angled and Recessed)
Slicer  ChiTuBox
Printer body All metal with swing door
Resin Compatibility All 405nm LCD resins.  Verified with many 3rd party resins such as Dentona, KeyStone and WhipMix.  Pre-configured settings in ChiTuBox slicer.
Product Size (W*D*H) 11.75x12.5x15.25 inches
Product Net Weight 35lbs

EPAX DX10 PRO Specifications 


Increased build Volume

5k Monochrome LCD Technology 

USB & Ethernet Compatible

Open Material System

EPAX DX1 PRO Specifications 


Cost Effective & Efficient

4k Monochrome LCD Technology 

USB & Ethernet Compatible

Open Material System

EPAX DX Cure Pro Specifications 


Cost Effective & Efficient

Cures in less than one minute

Powerful 405 nmLEDs



With a shrinkage rate of less than 2%  EPAX dental resin is capable of capturing precise details, making this the ideal resin for accurate modeling of teeth and gums empowering the  production of retainers, night guards, and more.